6 Japanese Rules for Those Who Want to Become Stronger and Healthier

Japanese engineer and Aikido teacher Katsuzo Nishi was a very weak boy, and doctors told his parents that he would die before he turned 20. To improve his health, parents sent him to a Buddhist monastery. He spent 3 years there learning different meditation and swordplay techniques.

Still searching for other ways to improve his health, Katsuzo read lots of contemporary books written by modern doctors as well as ancient treatises about Eastern and European medicine. The result was that he ended up writing his own work in which he set out his own system for strengthening the body. The book was published in 1927 when the author was 44 years old.

Today, we invite you to get acquainted with Katsuzo’s system, which has gained lots of followers around the world since it was first explained 90 years ago.

Rule #6. A hard back


As we all know, spinal curvature can cause various problems for your internal organs. That’s why it’s very important to control your posture all day long, and even at night. Katsuzo claims that maintaining a straight spine allows you to be 2 cm (0.80 in) taller, and has a beneficial effect on both the work of the digestive organs and the circulatory system.

Rule #5. A solid roller instead of a pillow


Japanese people believe that neck scoliosis is one of the first indications that a person’s life will be cut short. And while we can control the position of our head during the day, it’s harder to do so at night. That’s why Katsuzo recommends getting a solid pillow or a roller and placing the 3rd and 4th vertebrae of the neck on it.

At first, a roller will cause some discomfort, and that’s why you can wrap it in a couple of layers of fabric and then remove them one by one.

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