6 Funny & Creative Toilet Sign Boards Around The World

While traveling, it is very difficult to communicate when you do not know the local language. And it is not only difficult but embarrassing to find a toilet in an alien place.Fortunately, there are sign boards which come to your rescue.
Although the toilet is not exactly the most exciting thing, these pictures prove, there are many different ways to say “Men” and “Women” across the world. Check them out now.
The Hand And Leg
The tourists can easily differentiate between the men and women’s room by looking at the legs. No one would miss it even when they are under pressure.
Peaches And Banana
Nature intended that our most intimate parts resemble few fruits, and that is what is depicted in this sign board. The peaches for the women and banana for the men is surely a creative way to display the signs.
Food Signs

Although this is a little embarrassing, food items are compared with the human body. Sausages for men and eggs for women. However, I doubt whether people out there will get this reference.
Techno Signs
Pictures may speak a thousand words. Similarly, when words fail due to some language barrier these android depictions will clear everyone’s doubt when it comes to restrooms.

Here, they have used the position in which men and women use a restroom, though this can’t be discussed openly the picture says it all. Yes, it is a little embarrassing, but who cares? As far as the message is clear for the everyone alike.
Too Creative
Not everyone would be able to understand this sign, especially when one is under pressure. When you look at it carefully some might even be able to decipher it. The left one is actually for the men and the right one is for the women.