5 Secrets to Make Your Hands 10 Years Younger

Hands usually give away your age because they age more quickly than your face. However, you can avoid this if you take proper care of them.
Wash your hands correctly
Frequent contact with soap can make your hands lose moisture and start flaking. Follow these simple rules to avoid it:
*Don’t use antibacterial soap unless absolutely necessary. Avoid perfumes: they dry your skin and may cause irritation. Opt for moisturizing soap with jojoba oil, olive oil, or aloe vera.
*Wash your hands with warm but not hot water to preserve the natural protective layer.
*Avoid electric dryers in favor of paper towels.
Wear gloves
Your hands are constantly under stress due to external factors such as cold, chemicals, and dry air. To minimize the damage, you should have gloves for all occasions:
*Leather or fur gloves or mittens for cold weather.
*Rubber or latex ones for household chores (washing dishes, mopping floors, cleaning the bathtub, etc).
*Cloth gloves for gardening.

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