5 Exercises That Will Test The Age Of Your Body

Each person has distinctive flexibility, and that’s why kids can easily do splits and put their legs over their heads. As time goes by, we lose our normal flexibility and joint mobility.

With this, here are 5 exercises that will help you test your body’s flexibility and know your age group.

Reminder: Warm up before you try these exercises: you can jump and do squats and leg swings.

Let’s check your shoulder joint flexibility.


Was it easy? If, yes congratulations! Either you’re doing good or you’re young.

When you felt that it was rather challenging. You have to practice more.

If it was very hard, cautiously grasp your elbows using your palms behind your back. Stay in this position for a few minutes. Exercise more if you don’t want to experience frozen shoulder indications.

Let’s check your spine flexibility.


If you can place your whole palm on the floor, that’s awesome! You’re not more than 25 years old, and you stretch frequently.

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