5 Common Reasons Because Of Which You Are Gaining Weight At Work

Working at desk all day is a harsh idea. You skip exercises, your appetite increases and you gain a lot of weight. We have summed up five common points of weight gain at work. So, here we go!

Eating For The Sake Of Company


You already had your lunch but then someone offers you their mother’s signature dessert or a piece of cake because it is their birthday. These small slices of cakes and desserts do contribute in weight gain. Learn to say a polite no if you really care about that growing tummy.

Not Eating Mindfully


There must have been times when you had a hard, tiring day and clients had tortured you. So, you being a healthy eating person decided to order a pizza and some french fries to make up your mood. But, is it a good idea? Always make a strategic plan of your diet. Try bringing healthy snacks to office to avoid overeating.

Lighting And Room Temperature


Did you know that the light and temperature of a room do affect your appetite, that is, a dark room increases your desire to eat more as compared to a lighted room. The same principal applies to temperature. Talk to your office authorities about the light and temperature of room. Go out for a walk on a bright day to boost up your spirit.

Working After Hours


Working after hours also results in weight gain. This is because longer working time disturbs your sleep and you skip your physical exercises. If working for longer hours is a necessity, try taking stairs to continuing physical activity. And sleep well because the lack of sleep disbalances hormones that regulate your appetite, increasing the one that causes hunger.

Stress And Deadlines


Yes! Another reason for your increased weight at work might be stress and deadlines. High levels of stress increase levels of the hormone cortisol, triggering fat and sugar cravings. Do not think that good food will reduce your stress level. Okay! A pizza might make up your mood but relaxation exercises will help you deal with it.