Life hacks can be a real game changer because people think they have found the easiest way to do something.

These life hacks are some of the best that we have collected for you to go through and try yourself.

Break a Lock with Wrenches

Padlocks can keep your things secure but can also be used for a bad purpose may be when someone is trying to stop you from entering your own property or put one on your bike as a joke.

Find two bolt wrenches and ensure that your wrench fits the lock. Apply pressure to the both sides of wrench such that one side of the lock gives out.

With sufficient pressure, the lock will break. If the lock is large then you may need to use a spacer.


Unlock iPhone Without Passcode

Activate Siri by holding the Home button and ask for the current time. Then just tap on it.

Tap on the Add icon when the clock interface opens. Type any city you want to search and use Select all and then use Share option. Tap on the message icon from the options.

Draft a message and write something in ‘To’ field. Press return button and then tap on the Add option to create a new contact and simply add a photo from your device gallery. After some time, press the Home button and you will enter the Home screen of your iPhone without a passcode.


Free Stuff from Vending Machines

On the glass front of the vending machine put some change and then select your item. While the machine is selecting hold the glass mirror with your hand and continuing holding. The machine will not be able to deliver the item and will give you the change back. Now put 4 more dollars and pick another item but don’t hold the door. The machine will give the item selected before and then you press Coin Return button and you will start getting all your money in coins.


Get Free Stuff from Amazon

Sign up for an account and optimize your Amazon profile. Review products you already have purchased from Amazon. Then just go to the shopping area and apply to review free products which you are interested in and when it gets approved they will send it to you and then you just do a text review on Amazon.