26 Mind-Blowing Psychology Facts That You Never Knew About People


* The way you treat restaurant staff reveals a lot about your character.

* Our emotions don’t affect the way we communicate. In fact, the very opposite is true: the way we communicate has an influence on our mood.

* Shy people don’t speak much about themselves. However they will do this in such a way to make other people feel that they know them very well.

* If two persons are having a conversation and one turns their feet slightly away or keeps moving one foot in an outward direction, this signifies strong disagreement and is a sign the person wants to leave.


People and problems

* If you experience an onrush of thoughts at night and can’t stop it, then write it down. This will ease your mind and help you sleep.

* Being alone for a long time is as unhealthy as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Well that’s an important psychology fact which we should learn from.

* A person speaking two languages may unconsciously shift their personalities as they alternate from one language to another.

* Travel can increase brain health and decrease your risk of heart disease and depression.

* When people speak about things they are passionate about and most interested in, that’s the time they appear most attractive.


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