24 People Who Got Incredibly Lucky

Sometimes all it takes is one single moment to transform a fairly humdrum day into a phenomenal one. We all try our best to make each day a good one, but sometimes chance lends a helping hand and we get lucky. Whether it be something as simple as finding a five dollar bill or something as grandeur as winning a lottery, we’ve all had at least one notably positive yet seemingly random experience that can only be interpreted as good fortune.

These following people, however, ended up having what can only be categorized as extreme luck. From moments of unlikely prosperity to nearly escaping death, saying these people had good fortune is a bit of an understatement.

Here are 24 people who got incredibly lucky.

1. Ben Carpenter ended up extremely fortunate after he involuntarily was given the ride of a lifetime. Carpenter’s electric wheelchair became lodged in the grille of a semi-trailer when the truck bumped into the side of it. Carpenter was strapped into the wheelchair, which ended up being pushed down a highway for several kilometers at about 80 km/h. Luckily, a pair of undercover police officers happened to witness the event and got the truck to pull over. The wheelchair ended up damaged, but Ben made it out of the incident without a scratch.


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