20 People With Literally The Best Sense Of Humor

There’s no better way to know you’re compatible with someone than realizing you have the same sense of humor. I knew my wife and I were going to be forever when we both laughed at a poo joke in Get Smart on our first date. I dropped everything and married her on the spot. The point is, we all need to appreciate a good sense of humor, which is something all the people on this list have in spades.

1. If you thought reading pickup lines on Tinder was fun, you haven’t seen this girl’s clapback game.
It’s always a bold (and generally unwanted) move to go straight to the pants party talk when you meet someone. And it’s a lesson this guy learned painfully quick.


2. You don’t have to love football to appreciate the savagery at play here.
Which I know to be true because I didn’t watch the Super Bowl. The only way this could have been better is if Butterfinger actually sent it out. Unfortunately, it’s just a baller meme.


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