18 Everyday Things With Hidden Purposes For Safety And Convenience

Things you use every day without giving much thought just fall into your mundane routine, don’t they? Do you think why the top of your ball point pen has a hole? Or why there is a metal strip at the end of your measuring tape? Well, you might be surprised to know that all these have a good reason to be there.

Read on to know more about these 18 everyday things we use that have some underlying purposes like safety or ease of use.

#1 Oven knob adjusted to reflect the right temperature.


Your cakes are getting burnt or your quiche is not quite done. Then there must be something wrong with the temperature setting. You can fix this by setting your oven temperature at 300-degrees and then checking with an oven thermometer. Take the knob out and check the back where there are screws to enable you to loosen them and adjust the knob’s face. Once you’ve adjusted the face of the knob, you’re all set.

#2 Rivets on your jeans.


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