16 Times People Won the Food Lottery

If there’s one thing several people have in common, it’s a love for food. Different cultures have unique dishes, food brings people together, and overall, everyone just loves it.
Well, what about those who actually find something good or better in their food? Kind of like the golden ticket in a chocolate bar from Charlie in the Chocolate Factory.
Thank goodness some people were able to document these awesome findings in real life.
From double chocolates in a kinder surprise egg to a solid chocolate Kit Kat, here are 16 awesome food finds that could definitely be considered the food lottery.
1. Looks like this person has found the king of the sour patch kids. If I found this in my bag of candy, I would probably be a little unimpressed. I actually like being able to eat them one at a time to savor the flavors.
2. Ah, the perfect Avocado. Usually, when you get an avocado, you’re crossing your fingers that it’s ripe or that the entire thing isn’t a seed. This sure is a rare sight, isn’t it?
3. If I couldn’t see the person’s hand holding this kiwi, I would probably think that this was a panorama, wouldn’t you? How can this kiwi be real?

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