16 Salty Savages Throwing All The Shade

Honestly, I prefer the people who aren’t afraid to throw a little shade from time to time. When you take all those negative thoughts and feelings and store them inside, it’s not good for you. Letting it out is healthy.


These people are sorta taking it to the next level. Take a look and ask yourself if you’d have the sheer courage to distribute this level of shade in your own life. And hey, if you think you’re up to it…just make sure you post it afterwards.

1. This right here? Hardcore level savagery.
The dedication of waking up (or staying up until?) 3 a.m., then grabbing the vacuum cleaner and running it around your ceiling? That’s some epic revenge fantasy material.

Plot twist: The neighbor vacuums his floor at like 8 p.m., and this dude is just mean.


2. Edith-Anne, you absolute legend.
The mark of a real salty savage is that they’ll spend time on it. Hey, as long as I’m stuck here stitching this stupid thing, might as well show my teacher how much of a waste of time this is!


3. OK, yes, the cat’s face is totally hilarious. I think we can all agree on that.
But for real — you put your onions right next to the cat’s food and water dishes? What exactly did you think was going to happen here?


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