16 Petty People Out Here Tryna Live

Being petty is a special gift that only a few have mastered to perfection. It’s easy to be mean or rude, like there isn’t anything cute about that. Being petty, though, now that takes patience and true street smarts to pull off.

Everyone on this list has proven they have a talent for pettiness. They’ve done the kinds of things that prove they’re not to be messed with again.

1. This’ll definitely make a point.
You have to get clever to navigate neighborly feuds to mark your territory and make it clear you are not to be messed with. I think it’s safe to say that his neighbor won’t be vacuuming the floor at night anymore.


2. The one thing worse than feuds with neighbors is feuds with roommates.
You share the same everything, so you have to take your pettiness to a whole new level. Imagine waking up the next morning and missing breakfast because of this? That’ll teach them a lesson.


3. Like, see what happens when things get out of hand between roommates?
“7 shrimps and 4,562 rice” like OH MY GOD. You know Brandii was crossing several lines eating food that wasn’t hers, so something this extreme had to be done.


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