16 People Who Made Weird Situations Work For Them

You know what you’re supposed to do when life gives you lemons, but what if it hands you a fruit that you can’t even identify?

Like, do I eat it? Do I juice it? Is it full of poison?

But while we stare at this unwanted situation that life just dropped in our laps, some folks trust their instincts and throw it at their least favorite person.

These are the folks we’re celebrating today.

1. I’m not sure why someone would need to trick people into thinking they have more fingers than they do, but somebody found a way!
It seems like the exact kind of knowledge that you’ll think you’ll never use, until the world suddenly proves you wrong.


2. I’d say that all 300 jokes should be banished back to the hole we kicked them in, but I’m going to allow this.
I don’t know if it’s the creativity they showed or the urgent need for a boredom cure, but something won me over.


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