16 People Who Made Their Rules The Only Rules

The further you go in life, the more often you find yourself dealing with different sets of eye-rolling rules.

Sure, we may not have anyone giving us a bedtime now, but the days where we could steal candy or pee in pools without consequences are definitely over.

But no matter how many rules there are, some audacious people will find a way to get away with following only their own code.

We salute them.

1. The only problem here is that the dude might get suspicious about the fact that you can’t see him in any of these.
I guess the best way to pull this little trick off is to find a really camera-shy boyfriend.

Maybe one in witness protection.


2. There’s something weirdly inspirational about this. Obviously, “I can’t use a urinal” is just quitter talk.
Remember, you can do anything you can set your mind to. Don’t let the fact that it’s pointless and requires more effort than it’s worth stop you.


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