16 People Who Did Things Differently Than Most Would Have

Sometimes, it’s a good thing to think outside of the box. Amazing things have been accomplished throughout history by people who didn’t stay within the confines of traditional thought.

Other times, you should take those thoughts, put them inside a safe, chain it shut, and throw it into the bottom of the ocean so no one is ever forced to acknowledge that those ideas were even slightly entertained.

Here is a list of mostly the latter.

1. I may not be a trendsetter, but I’m cool enough to know that this look is not catching on.
And that’s coming from a girl who spends her Friday nights alone, eating cheese and playing Buck Bumble on N64.


2. I would absolutely never do this…
…because neither of my grandmothers know how to text. Which, now that I think about it, could possibly because they’re both dead. Otherwise, yeah I’d probably do this.


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