16 People Going Through Their Day The Hard Way

Nothing makes us more paranoid about what horrors a day will throw at us than coming off a really bad one. Getting up is already…challenging if you’re not one of those strange morning people.

Like, do we seriously have to go through all of that again?

And if that’s how we feel, these folks must be fixing to put barbed wire around their beds.

1. Ugh, I think this is the real reason why Indiana Jones just can’t even when snakes are around.
Sure, a face-melting ark and a temple full of untold perils are all fine and good, but he’s not trying to get bit on an educator’s salary.


2. Aw man, I couldn’t picture myself doing this to somebody no matter how much gum they wanted from me.
What part of “fun to play with, not to eat” does this ruthless prankster not understand? Is nothing sacred anymore?


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