16 Hilariously Passive-Aggressive Ways To Get Petty Revenge

Sometimes, the world is an annoying place and you need to exact some kind of revenge. Nothing crazy, mind you. You’re not out to ruin anybody’s life or even get confrontational. But you’ve gotta do something.

Take some pointers from this list. You never want to be malicious, but sometimes passive aggressiveness is your best friend. Embrace it and learn to use it to your advantage.

1. The Olive Garden: more intrigue than Game of Thrones.
The menu fort is practically a declaration of war. What prompted this? What’s he going to do when the server takes his menu away? SO. MANY. QUESTIONS.


2. How do you even respond to this?
I mean, calling the cops might have been unnecessary, but this move pretty much means the battle is over…unless the neighbor has an even bigger arsenal of decorative flamingos.


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