16 Funny Pics That Definitely Caught Our Attention

With all the content and countless memes, tweets, and randomly funny pics I find on the internet, it takes something a little extra to really catch my attention these days. So today, I figured I’d bring out the big guns and share the ones that have done just that recently.

I don’t know if I can promise you a cohesive theme or flow to this article, but really, is that so important? Let’s just let our hair down and whip out our funny bones…hmm, maybe I’ll work on that phrasing.

1. Just a straight-up brilliant idea.
Tricking people into thinking that you’re drinking chocolate syrup at the gym is the best idea next to just actually drinking chocolate syrup at the gym. Forget the haters, I need to keep hydrated and sweet!


2. Just kinda looks like an awkward picture of Robert Downey Jr. — until you notice the dog and wonder what’s going on.
I mean, I know what we’re all thinking: Dang, Air Bud is still in his prime! But this hardly seems like that doggy’s style.


3. These birds look like they say, “Well, I never!” a lot.
I’m just picturing birds like this walking down a flight of ivory stairs as the police come in, like, “No, officer, I have no clue about the murder of my late husband.”


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