16 Design Fails That You Will Find Hard To Believe Actually Happened

Design professionals can’t be on their A-game at all times. They work really hard and sometimes there are slip ups. For example, ever went to a restaurant bathroom where the stalls were made out of semi-transparent frosted glass?
Or maybe you bought a stuffed toy that had an extra leg. This stuff happens more than we actually realize it does. But admit it, when it does happen it’s pretty entertaining.
The pictures below are proof that interior design fails, town planning disasters and public transport screw-ups do exist. Sometimes the screw-ups might not be crystal clear, but once you find them, it’s incredibly entertaining. Here are 16 design fails that are hard to believe!
1. Clearly, this sink was made by professionals. But seriously, if you want to not only wash your hands but your shoes as well, this sink is perfect for you!
2. This seriously backfired. But at least kids can get their rain boots on and their rain jackets and splash in the dirty, polluted water right?
3. When you get all the answers right on a quiz and feel really proud of yourself until this little twist happens at the end. Impossible!
4. Picture this: you’re walking into a store, ready to shop for some clothes for your younger sibling or cousin and then you look up…


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