15 Pics Depicting Early Life Of Kids Before The Invention Of TV, Smartphone And Internet

Today’s world may have the edge over history in terms of technology and other luxuries, but somewhere, it has taken away the childhood of many children. Gone are the days when children used to play outside, get dirty and even invented games to keep themselves busy. Right now, they have smartphones with internet to keep themselves busy with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

However here are 15 images that will take you back to simpler days.

1 Playing under Eiffel Tower
Here you can see children playing under the Eiffel Tower in France. A child riding her bike as fast as se could and another one latching on in order to go faster on her skates.


2 Marbles and bullseye

Marbles have been one of the most favorite pass times of children since ancient times. Here you can see some children being seriously indulged in a game of marbles and other children waiting.


3 No holds barred
Imagine parents letting their kids do this nowadays. Children didn’t used to be so sheltered back in the day. They used to take risks and learn by failing and repeating things again and again.


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