14 People Who Probably Need To Think About Changing Careers

Some people just aren’t cut out for certain careers. Here are 14 people who definitely need to get a new job.
Chocolate Fountain
If you can’t properly set up a chocolate fountain that undoubtedly came with directions, you should probably think of a career outside the culinary arts.

If you’re a reporter, and you can’t tell the difference between a recording device and a remote control for a television, you should probably rethink some of your life choices.

If you’re a builder and you haven’t figured out that a balcony belongs under a window, then you should probably find another career with fewer things to mess up.

If you’re a maintenance worker, and this is your idea of a safety protocol, then you probably need to find a new gig. There are only about 1,001 ways this could end poorly.

If you’re driving a piece of heavy equipment and you can’t be bothered to watch out for huge stationary objects in your path, you probably need to find a new job.

Event Planner
Just like real estate, event planning is all about location, location, location. If you’re an event planner and you can’t find a better place for lunch than the poison room, you’d should probably consider a career change.

Sandwich Maker
If you make sandwiches at McDonald’s and you can’t get the order right on a Big Mac, there may be no help for you.

Billboard Designer
If your only job is to install a billboard ad, how can you not notice that you’ve done it upside down? Surely you can’t install it without looking at it at least once?

Cake Design
So you work at a bakery and someone gives you a flash drive with their design. Your first assumption is that they want a picture of the drive on the cake? It’s probably time to find a new gig.

If you work on a construction crew and think this is the best way to get to something on the outside of the building, you need a job that is much, much closer to the ground.

Assuming the fence came after the bench, the fence installer definitely needs to take a look at what’s happening around the area being fenced. This isn’t exactly user-friendly.

If you’re an artist, and this is the best you’ve got, you had better start looking for a new gig right away. You aren’t going to make it with art.

If it’s your job to paint curbs, and you don’t know to not look out for objects, like cars, sitting next to those curbs, you probably aren’t qualified for the job.

You probably need a new gig if you don’t realize that the ramp can’t lead to stairs. Seriously, how does that happen?