14 Mistakes You’re Making While Brushing Your Teeth

Everyone obviously brushes their teeth. We even teach our little children how to do so. We can guarantee that the ones who are reading this article, have for sure made at least one of these mistakes mentioned. Most of you people are consistently making many of these mistakes. You may know a few but there will also be the ones that you’ve never heard of.

Tapoos has gathered these 14 brushing mistakes which will show that you’ve been brushing wrong since a long time.

Using your same toothbrush for way too long

The life of a toothbrush, if brushed twice a day, is for 3 months. So for after using a tooth brush for about 200 times, you need to start looking for a new tooth brush. The difference can be seen by looking at the bristles. The bristles start to go all over the place after they’ve been used for a long period of time. Such kind of a tooth brush doesn’t allow you to brush your teeth properly so it’s better that you find a new toothbrush and get rid of the one you own at the moment.

Brushing for short durations

Many of us don’t know this but teeth brushing should be at least 1:30 to 2 minutes long. We don’t really note the time when we brush our teeth. If you note it down for one time, you’ll notice that it is a lot more than what you expected. If you’ve ever read that teeth brushing should be for 2 minutes long, you would’ve thought that it’s almost the same amount of time you spend. But if you note it down for once, you’ll notice that you’ve been brushing for a very less time than required. The reason behind this much time is that it gives enough time for the fluoride to go and react with your teeth.

Rinsing mouth with water after brushing

This is a mistake that we would’ve never thought of. We do this all the time. Well it’s true! Even after brushing for 2 minutes, when you spit it out and then though water in your mouth, believe it or not, you’re taking half or even more of that fluoride out of your mouth. Well this happens and your teeth definitely do need that fluoride. There sure is a way around this and it will allow you to rinse your mouth as well. The way is to use mouth wash for rinsing your mouth which also has fluoride in it. You can easily rinse, gargle and then spit that out while fluoride sticks to your teeth.

Keeping your toothbrush in the washroom

This is a mistake which we didn’t even think of being a mistake. Almost all of us do this mistake and mainly because of inconvenience. But the problem behind this is that study says, more than half of the tooth brushes that have been tested had a bit of fasces on them. You know what this means? This means that your toothbrush has poop on them. We don’t really know how it gets there but this is a fact that will definitely blow your mind. Keeping our toothbrush on your night stand might be a huge change in our routine.

Not flossing

Probably the hardest thing to do is to make flossing a habit. The best way is to start by flossing one tooth. You must be wondering why? Well, the reason behind this is that when you start to floss one tooth, you automatically start to floss the rest of your teeth too, one by one. The only hard part is to just start. When you start, you’re like ‘oh well I’ve already started. Why don’t I continue doing the rest too’? An easy way is to use the individual flosser which makes it easy for you than to take out some floss and wrap it around your finger. When you’re done, you just have to throw it away.

Not cleaning your tongue after brushing

Tongue has a lot of bacteria from what you eat and drink. If you don’t clean it, this could lead to halitosis. If you think that you have a bad breath even after brushing your teeth, not cleaning your teeth is definitely the reason behind it. Cleaning your teeth is as important as brushing your teeth. You need to spend a little on a tongue cleaner and if you don’t have that, you can always clean your tongue with your toothbrush but never forget to do that.

Using a hard tooth brush

The perfect toothbrush is soft or extra soft. Your main goal is to get any food particle, like meat, out of your teeth. Toothbrush is not used to make your teeth shiny. If you use a medium or hard bristled toothbrush, you’re probably going to damage your gums. Dentist don’t recommend tooth brushes with hard bristles as they give more harm than benefit.

Not brushing in a circular motion

Brushing back and forth is not the right way to brush your teeth. This brushing mistake is a very common one as you go along with your teeth that is back and forth. This can cause damage to your teeth. When you brush from side to side, the brittle rods can break which will lead to your teeth getting weaker. The right way to start brushing is to start from your gum line and along with little circular motions, go in an up and down motion.

Brushing at the wrong angle

Many people who hold their toothbrush in a wrong angle, end up having their gums inflamed and this can also happen to those who have pearly whites. Your toothbrush should be held in a 45 degree angle and should be placed between your gums and teeth. This technique means that you won’t be damaging your gums and will only be cleaning any plaque under the gums. Plus they also clean your teeth.

Not changing your brushing routine

We don’t consciously think about our movement when we are brushing our teeth. This means that we brush in the same order every time we do so. The reason behind this is our laziness and to overcome that, we have to consciously think about our movement when we brush because every time we brush, we have to change our movements. An easy way of doing that is to watch yourself brush in the mirror and watch every single time so that you know what you were doing the last time.

Brushing too many times in a day

There is no need to brush more than two times in a day. If you do more than two times, it will end up damaging your gums and teeth. That’s for sure something that you don’t want to happen. Brushing two times in a day for two minutes is well and good. And if you’re very lazy, make sure that at least one of the two times you brush, one should be exceptional. By exceptional we mean, brushing, flossing and rinsing your mouth with mouthwash.

Brushing right after eating

Your mouth is actually more acidic when you’ve just eaten. When you eat, your mouth needs time to get rid of the acidic saliva and come in a normal pH level. So that’s the reason why brushing your teeth right after you eat can cause damage to your teeth.

You don’t go till the gum line

Plaque is accumulated beneath and on the gum line as food remain. They fill the pockets that are around the teeth and for sure they have to be cleaned. Many people don’t get too close to the gum line and that leads to dental plaque accumulation. When you’re brushing your teeth, it’s necessary to go all the way till your gum line so that any trapped food particle is removed. Dentist also suggest using mouthwash to clean the pockets in the gums and well, it also overall cleans the mouth.

Pick the wrong tooth brush

When you go to your local market, you see many there and find it difficult to choose the perfect one for your mouth. You don’t really know which one is your type and which brand you should go for. You don’t go for a toothbrush just because of the brand, cheapness or because of its color. People with a small mouth or the one’s with a big mouth should see the brush sizes. That’s the first thing to look but next, you need to make sure that the bristles are soft or extra soft so that they don’t damage your teeth or gum.

What did you guys think about these mistakes? What we think is that almost every reader has at least don’t one of these mistakes. Which one was the most shocking among all?