14 Cool Pics That Are Oddly Satisfying

There are some things in life that are just undeniably satisfying. The first lick of a soft serve ice cream cone, a perfect swerve of an ink pen, or just something you stumble upon that you don’t see everyday. Life is full of these funny little satisfying moments, and today we’d like to share some of the best, weirdest, and funniest ones out there!

1. Even touching one of these bad boys is enough, but a fist full?
Now that’s a good feel. Just don’t go all Tide Pod and try to eat these things.


2. You’ve got to capture these rare moments when you can!
Usually, mine just comes out as a splatter of inexplicable goo! Makes for an awkward experience if anyone walks in at that time.


3. You don’t see something this perfect everyday.
Seriously, what are the chances that the serial code for a urinal is “4U2PN2”? That’s “for you to pee into,” if you’re struggling.


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