14 Biggest Makeup Transformations for Movie Roles

Movie makeup is definitely an art form on its own. To prove that, we’ve chosen 14 actors you would never recognize without makeup.
Tilda Swinton – Madame D. “The Grand Budapest Hotel”, 2014

Steve Carell – John Du Pont, “Foxcatcher”, 2014

Jared Leto – Rayon Dallas, “Buyers Club”, 2013

Gary Oldman – The Vampire Count, “Dracula”, 1992

Ralph Fiennes – The Dark Lord Voldemort, “Harry Potter”, 2005-2011

Christopher Walken – The Headless Horseman, “Sleepy Hollow”, 1999

Robert Downey Jr – Actor Kirk Lazarus, “Tropic Thunder”, 2008

Naomi Grossman – Pepper, “American Horror Story”, 2012

Maiwenn Le Besco – Plavanaguna, “The Fifth Element”, 1997

Daveigh Chase – The Dead Girl Samara, “The Ring”, 2002

Robert Englund – Freddy Krueger, “A Nightmare on Elm Street”, 1984

Meryl Streep – The Wicked Witch, “Into The Woods”, 2014.

Jim Carrey – Count Olaf, “Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events”, 2004

Tom Cruise – Les Grossman, “Tropic Thunder”, 2008