13 Pics That Make Us Hope Everyone Involved Made It Out Alive

You know that feeling you get when you see somebody fall down, and you get that same tingle in your butt or on the bottoms of your feet? Well, this unholy collection of tragedies will give you the same sensation, but in your heart.

Okay, maybe your funny bone. Nobody ever accused the internet of having too much empathy. Hey, it’s OK to laugh as long as it’s not happening to you, right?

1. This picture is sheer chaos. The ostrich is straight shoveling that food, and the llama (alpaca?) looks convinced all the food’ll be gone by the time it gets to eat.
And that girl crying in the other car…that’s a whole mess I don’t even wanna guess at.


2. “Ugh, I can’t believe I put on pants for this. Why didn’t I call in sick today? I’m not even at work yet, and I want to quit.”
You know what? As bad as this picture looks, we can only imagine how bad it smells.


3. Well, I can’t say it definitely won’t work…I mean, I haven’t tried it.
Update: No, internet, it doesn’t work. And frankly, I think @BeansInThings owes me a new Android phone. I don’t care if the photos look like PlayStation 2 graphics.


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