12 Weird Pics That’ll Bake Your Noodle Big Time

I don’t think I can go a single day on the internet without seeing something that makes my eyes go crossed in confusion. Sometimes, though, it really takes a second to appreciate what the hell I’m looking at before I get it. Honestly, with how weird the world is these days, I’m pretty much willing to believe anything could be real. So who knows — is this the weirdest stuff out there, or is it just Friday?

1. You know what’s weirder than running across this on your Instagram?
Imagine being in the amusement park while it’s going down. I don’t know if my first thought would be “Oh hey, a wild unicorn.” It’d probably be more like “Oh hey, let’s call security.”


2. Speaking of security, I feel like nothing will ever feel safe again after seeing this.
I mean, how can I sleep at night knowing that somewhere out there, 44 souls are trying to scream their way out of a snowy windshield?


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