12 Signs A Girl Is Crazy About You

Girls are mysterious, we’ll never know what exactly a girl wants, but with this list, you can at least know if she likes you! To understand them you need to pay attention to them, the way they act. Especially the non verbal signs that they give away reveal their true intentions.

Pay attention to her eyes.


We often make eye contact to the person we like. It helps us feel as if we are bonded with that person.

When you make eye-contact with the girl, she takes her gaze away shyly. If she is not interested she will never do this.

If her pupils get wider when she talks to you it means she likes you.

Know what her legs say


If a girl is comfortable around you her ankles will never be crossed. Stretched legs and crossed ankles means she is not interested in you.

When her legs are crossed, pay close attention to her feet. The toes of her shoes are like a compass needle. If they are point at you, this means that she likes you.

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