12 Amazing Home Repair Hacks That Are Easy and Simple For You

Not every time will you need to spend money making home improvements and life convenient at home? There are several handy home hacks that are such incredible DIY inventions that they provide incredible solutions to any problems at home. Such incredible home hacks will undoubtedly help those who are technical minded or handymen at home. Check out these cool home hacks that can make life easier at home.

Nail polish to keep screws from getting loose
As surprising as it sounds, nail polish can prevent screws from loosening. Just spread some nail polish on the threads of the screw before screwing it into whatever surface you choose and it will stay put for a long time.


Wax crayons are great for temporary fixing holes in a wall
If there is a hole in the plaster and you don’t want to create an even bigger hole and mess it up further, use a wax crayon that can be used as a temporary fix before plastering a larger area. Scrub white crayon into the hole and apply pressure to smoothen it up.


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