11 Shocking Photos Of Celebrities Without Makeup.

Actress set a trademark on looks for the common folks. Their sculpted goddesses like looks drive most of us to come down with a complex. However, not all of us have realized the actresses look gorgeous because of their makeup. Not every actress would come out on a public platform without her usual ton of makeup on her face.
So, here we have made a list of actresses who were caught without their makeup on.
Jennifer Lawrence
This Oscar Winner is gorgeous with or without makeup.But a minimum makeup look would surely make her look more youthful.
This music hitmaker looks younger without makeup. She should opt to go for a more rustic look to enhance her natural beauty more.

Kim Kardashian
This reality star doesn’t need as much makeup as she has naturally good looks. You can really spot her features without makeup. Like her sunkissed skin and her arched eyebrows.
Lady Gaga
For someone who experiments a lot with her looks and makeup, this American singer looks completely different without makeup. She comes across as a woman next door without her extreme makeovers.

This ‘Umbrella’ song hitmaker is blessed with good skin and features. She looks beautiful without her usual makeup. She should try going for a more natural look with minimalistic makeup to bring out her real beauty.
Mila Kunis
The mother of two, Mila Kunis is completely unrecognizable without her makeup. She could be walking right next to you without you, and you wouldn’t realize she is a big celebrity.

Jessica Simpson
Without makeup, Jessica Simpson looks fresh, dewy and beautiful. She is another celebrity who does not need makeup to look beautiful.

Taylor Swift
The country song singer looks ravishing even without her makeup. She wows her fans not just with her songs but her beauty as well.
Sofia Vergara
This Modern Family actress looks super sexy and hot with her makeup, but barely recognizable without it.

Snooki looks more youthful and beautiful without makeup than with.
Hillary Duff
She is yet another example of someone who does not need makeup to enhance her beauty.