11 Hidden Symbols In Names And Logos Of Most Famous Brands

The logos of world’s most famous companies follow us wherever we go. We see them on TV commercials, on our way to work, on T-shirts etc. In 90% of cases, we have no idea about the meaning these seemingly abstract lines hide. Do you want to find out? We bring you the explanation of the logos of the most famous world companies!


The designer of the first McDonald’s restaurants came up with the idea to equip the buildings with two large golden arches. These architectural features quickly became the symbol of fast food. Later, the company wanted to abandon the logo, but psychologist Louis Cheskin persuaded the management to keep it. He argued that this symbol looked similar to an upside down image of the female breasts and therefore reminded people of their carefree childhood.


The story about birth of this logo is really special and romatic. Cocoa Chanel drew it while she was living in castle named Château Crémat in Nice. According to the popular legend, this world known symbol have been inspired by the arches of the castle. The thing that makes it magical is that “CC” represents the initials of the castle and also the famous creator.


The Google logo’s creators used three main colors: red, yellow, and blue. You may notice that their arrangement within the logo is subject to a specific algorithm. But the green-colored letter breaks with the overall logic, and it is clearly meant to be the most important letter in the word. With this unexpected splash of green, the designers seem to imply that Google is about breaking stereotypes and not playing by the usual rules.

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