11 Celebrities That Prove Time Travel Exists

It is often creepy but seems fascinating to find out how some people look so similar to those who lived decades or centuries ago. And, this holds true when it comes to celebrities and famous people.
Here are some photos of famous celebrities who seemed to have their look-alike exist back in the history.
Keanu Reeves and French actor Paul Mounet
Both have a striking physical appearance and it’s no doubt to say that Paul Mounet is Keanu Reeves.
Alec Baldwin and Millard Fillmore
Alec was born in 1958 and Millard, the 13th President of United States was born in 1800. Though many generations apart and not related, Alec is evolving more into Millard year by year.
Jennifer Lawrence and Zubaida Tharwat
Egypt’s ‘Kitten’, Zubaida Tharwat recently made waves as a doppelganger of Jennifer Lawrence.

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