10 Weird Ideas That Worked Out Great

Some of the greatest ideas and inventions of our time must’ve sounded like really weird ideas when they were first pitched. Like, imagine the dude who came up with hair gel: “Hey, I know we all want our hair to be super hard and crunchy, so I came up with this goo…”

Well, the people we’re looking at today may not have come up with something as iconic as hair gel, but they’re geniuses in their own right — and I’m pretty sure it all worked out in the end. Either way, they’re worth some laughs!

1. Sometimes, the laziest solution is the best solution.
And judging by the look in this happy doggo’s eyes, he’s more than happy to just help out! Now go fetch my phone!


2. Desperate times call for desperate measures.
But with fashion, much like in life, you gotta fake it till ya make it. Most of the time, my socks are just painted on anyway, so…


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