10 Things We Should Stop Doing If We Want To Be Richer

All of us find our own way to wealth. Those who are permanently rich have something in common. Nevertheless, both those who sometimes get lucky and those who work a lot make errors, thus they can’t really save money.

A researcher named Tom Corley is interested in the differences concerning the habits of wealthy people and those who don’t have much money. He studied both groups for 5 years and made fascinating conclusions.

Here are 10 things we should stop doing if we want to be wealthier. Also, there’s bonus at the end of this article that will help us make a significant decision that many people have troubles with.

1. Not meeting new people


Wealthy people love meeting new people. The 68% of that group stated that they like meeting someone new. Meanwhile, only 11% of poor people said the same. Most people who reached economic stability made as much effort as conceivable to give a good impression of themselves and keep it. They don’t fail to recall commending new associates (and old ones) on holidays and other significant days.

2. Believing in fortune


You can depend on luck or fate in very occasional cases, possibly when you’re picking between a red and a blue skirt. But as far as really significant matters, rich people think that they control their life path themselves. 90% of poor people blame destiny for their misfortunes and other aspects they can’t control. To improve their welfare, they capitalize money on psychics and lottery tickets instead of their own learning.

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