10 Things That Took A Second To Understand

Our minds never stop finding weird ways to play tricks on us. You’d think it would be impossible to mistake a frog sitting on a pipe for a dab of wasabi on a hot dog, but a picture out there makes you do exactly that.

Between the things we think we see and the things we mishear, I’m not sure we can trust our brains anymore.

Or maybe these pics are to blame?

1. It’s just a good thing this game’s makers aren’t around to gloat about how much they got us.
Nothing makes a delayed reaction to an insult worse than having an audience there for it, after all. Very funny, Vivendi Games, whoever you are.


2. It’s moments like this where you find yourself thinking really hard about what our money was even going towards.
Come to think of it, we should never have trusted someone who wears a top hat and monocle literally all of the time.


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