10 Things That Are Kinda Cool If You Think About It

Look, I get it. You’re sitting at your desk, pretending to work, but you don’t even know where to begin looking for distractions. You’re literally procrastinating on procrastinating.

Relax, we got you. Furrow your brow, look like you’re working hard, and feast your eyes on these. Some of this stuff is downright cool enough to get ya to your next coffee break.

1. Stealth mode activated.
When you absolutely don’t want anyone to know that you have legs, only the finest in tactical camo leggings will do. The shoes are pretty stealthy, too.


2. This camel’s more fashionable than I’ll ever be.
I mean, I like my barber and I’m not looking to switch, but I don’t think he’s quite skilled enough to give this kind of haircut.


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