10 Things Girls Do That Boggle Boys’ Minds

We love you, ladies, we really do — and a lot of us are doing our best to understand your world. Look, I’m a humor writer first and foremost, so I don’t really wanna stir the pot and upset anyone by saying men don’t understand, buuuut men just don’t understand, amirite?

With the idea of keeping things light and funny in this article, let’s go through a few things girls do that guys still don’t really get. Feel free to explain them to me in the comments, but if you slide into my DMs about this, I will leave you on read.

1. Like Magic! sang, “Why you gotta be so rude?”
I mean, I get the idea that you’re tryin’ to teach a lesson here, but then you get upset if we don’t learn that lesson! We’re dumb, okay?


2. Getting super excited over the littlest things.
Not all of the things on this list are bad — far from it! This is actually super endearing, I just don’t get why lol.


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