10 Relatable Pics Of Things That Make Us All Want To Go Back To Bed And Ask For A Do-Over

There are days when things are legitimately bad. Car accidents, illness, sudden financial stress…all of these things are awful.

That’s not the kind of day I’m thinking about with these pics. I’m thinking of those days where every little thing you try to do, even if it’s just part of your usual routine, goes wrong in small, annoying ways until you just want to curl up under the covers and hide.

1. Like when you go to remove the plastic film on your food and it fails.
This includes any food with an “easy open” seal: yogurt, pudding, fruit salad cups, etc. You should not have to fight to get to your food when you’re hangry.


2. That goes double when the only safe way to open the package is defective.
Lost the pop tab? Looks like you’re stuck trying to bash a hole through sharp aluminum with a screwdriver. What could possibly go wrong with that?


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