10 Problematic Pics Of People Clearly Crying For Help

Sometimes, people go through extreme phases that may seem a bit concerning. Other times, people may make a few weird choices that leave their friends and family pondering their sanity.

Well these pics are a bit of both of those possibilities combined. Fortunately, they aren’t seriously concerning, just totally hilarious. So don’t worry, you can totally laugh.

1. Hopefully this pic isn’t on his Tinder profile.
I understand that it’s kinda cute to match with your pet, but mostly, it’s a little weird. Even the cat looks a bit uncomfortable.

Next time, maybe go with a casual kitten t-shirt.


2. I have literally never been this bored.
Unless you’re in solitary confinement, I don’t really know why you’d ever really have this much time on your hands. Call me old-fashioned, but I’m sure there’s lots to do outside. Go play with some sticks or something.


3. Living with an expressive sink isn’t easy, especially when its constant expression is super sad.
I’m not saying you should move. However, I am saying that you should demo your entire bathroom. It may seem a bit extreme, but this creep clearly stares at you while you pee.


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