10 Pics That’re More Than A Little Suspect

Are you a fan of looking at pictures that make you say things like “Waaaaaaaiiiiit a minute….” or “Stop! Drop! Shut ’em down, open up shop”? Well, I can’t make any guarantees about that second one, but boy do I have you covered with the first one. Let’s just say that none of these pics are about being a little suspicious.

1. I really hope to someday care as little about my job as whoever painted over this gum instead of just scraping it off first.
Is it really necessary to paint the underside of a desk anyway? No wonder they weren’t putting in their A-game.


2. I’m pretty sure after giving this presentation, the only grade that the teacher can give you is the fire emoji.
Or, if they give you a perfect score of 100, they have to underline it aggressively in red.


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