10 Pics That’ll Trip You Up And Spit You Out

What would the world be like if there wasn’t a little bit of weirdness sprinkled in? Probably not that entertaining. I know I certainly wouldn’t wanna stick around if everything was average and perfect.

That’s why I decided to put together a little dump of pictures that will remind you just how truly strange the world is. Hopefully this will prevent you from dying of boredom in the near future.

1. I definitely did not eggspect that.
What an eggcellent surprise. Now you can have two omelettes instead of one, which is basically the best way to start your day, so enjoy it while it lasts.


2. Haters are gonna say it’s photoshopped.
And it probably is, but I really want a reason for Android and Apple users to fight in the comments section, so let’s pretend it’s the real deal.


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