10 Pics That Scream The Past Is History

Time seems to be moving faster than ever. It felt like everything was the same from medieval times until, like, 1994. Now, things change so quickly that my smartphone from 2014 feels downright prehistoric.

If you want to feel old, even if you’re not really that old, check out these pics.

1. Things have changed even more since.
In 1983, Star Wars was all about George Lucas and his sensational scale models.

In 2005, it was all about George Lucas and green screens.

In 2012, Lucasfilm was bought by Disney and George Lucas retired to count his money.

In 2018, it’s all green screens.


2. This is actually no joke.
About a year ago, I started showing my cat videos of squirrels and birds on my tablet. Now she’ll stare at the turned-off tablet for minutes at a time waiting for something to happen.

I’ve turned my kitty into a screen junkie.


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