10 Pics That Give More Questions Than Answers

Say what you will about the fact that everybody is always buried in their smartphones, but the internet gives us some interesting stuff to ponder.

Maybe you can make sense of everything in your personal bubble, but when you look at the wide world, there’s a lot of weird stuff out there.

1. I had a see-through phone back in the day that looked just like this.
I looked it up, and this is a type of salp. These weird organisms are pretty much all see-through. If anyone asks what’s up with see-through fish, you’ll have a one word answer: “salps”.


2. The whole galaxy in a lightbulb.
Apparently these lightbulbs are a variant of the Edison bulb (you know, the ones with multiple dim points of light). It may not cast much light, but this so-called firework bulb sure is pretty to look at.


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