10 Pics That Are Relatable On A Fundamental Level

Real talk, I freaking love memes.

All I ever look at is memes. My Instagram explore page? All memes. All my friends and I ever talk about is memes we’ve laughed out loud to inappropriately in public. We don’t even text anymore, we just DM each other memes back and forth all day.

I just can’t get enough of these relatable memes, and after you get through this list, neither will you.

1. Me: *is broke, literally in overdraft on my debit card, $1,800 debt on my visa, should be eating crackers to save money*
And still, I don’t even need convincing to go out for food because I may not have money, but at least I have friends, you know?


2. You know I’ve already done my research, sweetie
You ever do this on a date, and your eye twitches a little when you ask him a question that you already know the answer to because you’re happy all your stalking paid off and you got the right answers with your detective work?


3. No internet or water included either, those are extra.
It’s the struggle of wanting to live in a cool city in your 20s, but you’re broke from compulsively buying nice things you can’t afford because you grew up watching Gossip Girl and wanted their lives.


4. Raise your hand if you feel personally attacked by Instagram constantly changing their algorithm.
The number of times I accidentally liked a picture from 4 weeks ago because Instagram made it the first thing I see on my timeline is appalling. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!


5. I spent money I don’t have on this thing, we gon’ blend it.
Who knew chicken tasted so good blended in with rice, potatoes, and green beans? Mmmm, we love a new recipe!


6. I can’t adult. I’m going to literally eat candy and carbs for the rest of my life.
The gag is that I watch those Delicious videos all day and think to myself, “Damn, I could totally make this BBQ casserole for dinner tonight,” then realize that involves actual effort…and then I end up at a candy store.


7. Like, maybe the reason I can’t adult is that I was forced into this lifestyle.
I want to get an allowance for the rest of my life, plz & thx


8. Okay, that’s enough. I SAID ENOUGH, MAN!
Going down this path is literally a nightmare. I need to numb all the emotions, because seriously, ain’t nobody got time for that.


9. Basically how to Snapchat 101.
My fav is the bottom right. I used to cover my camera with my palm so the screen is black, that usually did the trick. Now I just embrace being ugly — there’s no time for games anymore.


10. I can totally take criticism. It’s totally *sniffle* for self improvement, so like, please *sniffle* go ahead.
“Oh, yep, okay, I did that?” *sniffle* “Wow I never knew I was this much of a monster, hahahaha!!!!”