10 Pics People Should’ve Double-Checked Before Posting

If you are even mildly active on social media, it’s like having a part-time job. If you’re a constant poster, it’s even more intense and time consuming. When you have that many things to share, who has the time to inspect every photo to ensure that there isn’t some weird shit going on in the background? I sure don’t.

Here are some people who could’ve been saved from a world of embarrassment, had they just double-checked their surroundings.

1. A quick Google search could’ve saved her from a world of embarrassment.
Oh well, I’m sure her daughter didn’t let her live it down. Props to “Rihanna” for playing along though, she probably took it as a compliment!


2. Nostalgia looks great on Instagram.
And vintage video games? Damn, that’s a social media jackpot. My only suggestion would be to actually use the correct game cartridge so that you don’t look like a stupid ass poser who’s never touched an SNES before.


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