10 Pics Of Bad Home Decor That Are Just Really, Really Ugly

When I moved into my house, I thought the bathroom was bad. It had a peachy pink tub, toilet, and sink, with pink tile that didn’t quite match, and dark pink carpet. Yes, carpet. Once we were settled, it was the first thing to be renovated.

But taste is subjective, and maybe there was someone who would have loved all that pink.

However, I think we can all agree on the rooms listed here, though. They are hideous.

1. I get bringing the outdoors in, but…no.
From the really fake turf to the lattice walls and the crazy light fixture, this is just a world of awful.

But then I noticed the bear in a life preserver. It makes it so much worse.


2. There is just so much wrong with this room.
Why do the strips of fur overlap on the floor? Why does it climb the bed like a fungus? What’s with the curtains, and why aren’t they in line with the windows?

And the bed itself is boring and wrinkly.


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