10 Pics Just Barely Infuriating Enough To Make Anyone Twitch

Lots of things make me mad. But I almost prefer that over the sort of irksome, but not-actually-worth-mentioning little annoyances that crop up everywhere.

I mean, if you complain about a street sign that’s so poorly placed it’s causing accidents, that’s understandable. If you complain that the street sign’s text is slightly off-center, you’re just a dick.

1. Nothing like sharpening a fresh pencil to find the wood is in the way.
This is the result of bad manufacturing. The graphite core is off-center, so the entire pencil will be like this. Ugh.


2. Okay, who installed the buttons on this elevator?
It’s like the person was slowly falling sideways as they worked, causing each button to become more and more crooked as you go down the line.


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