10 People Who Were Wearing The Right Shirt At The Right Time

With a touch of planning and a bit of luck, the stars will align for us all. Call it fate, call it kismet, or call it preparing for the future — life will eventually serve up a joyous surprise for those of us willing to embrace our loves and wear them with pride. And what better way to court good karma than with a T-shirt?
Clearly, these folks have a strong shirt game. Their shirt collections have served them well. Maybe they retired the shirts in question after their encounters — who could blame them? Just check out these amazing encounters, and marvel at the how the Fates steered these people to their moments of greatness.
This fan’s shirt might have been a little too appropriate when he met George Lucas.

Andrew Luck shows off his improvisational skills when meeting a Colts fan and his Patriots-loving friend.

What would Walt say?

Something tells me this guy knew Steven Spielberg would be there that day.

Yet another reason that Bill Murray is the best.

Sure, it’s not a fan, but when you’re Sir Ian McKellen, there’s never a wrong time for this shirt.

I love how unimpressed Peter and Lena look.

Why shouldn’t Arnie get in on the action?

But George? Really? Finally, the truth is out there!

The Dude does, in fact, abide.