10 People Who Really Messed Up Big

As millennials, messing up is literally a daily thing. Doesn’t matter what we’re doing or where we’re going, or however good of a day our horoscope tells us we’re about to have, we just know we’re prone to making mistakes.

These people messed up, but thankfully, I’m here to point out how they can do better because I’m just such a nice person.

1. For not having a bigger list.
While all of these are valid, they’re definitely me on a good day. And when I say good day, I mean a really good day.


2. For stopping it at just eight times.
Being a natural drama queen and overall award-winning actress who performs drama on the daily, eight times is actually pretty decent. Putting our men in their place is a fine art, so we oughta be in the double digits at least.


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