10 People Who Need To Get Their Money Back, Stat

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by online shopping.

I bet you raised your hand, because we’ve all experienced the tragic, crushing reality of not getting what we thought we ordered. It could be that we wait weeks to get that shirt or pair of shoes, or we’re starving and just want to get some pizza delivered to accompany our lonely Netflix binges. Then it shows up, and BAM! Utter disappointment.

Here are some people who I hope kept their receipts, because they’re definitely gonna want a refund.

1. I hope she held onto that receipt tight, because it’s not even the same color!
I think we can look past the loose fit and the weird cardboard-looking ribbon, but I mean…this isn’t even an off-white or cream. Like, it looks like they weren’t even trying to sell what’s in the picture at this point.


2. I hope she kept the receipt, because there’s no way she can stretch those.
On the bright side, maybe this will reignite her love for her Bratz dolls, and she can relive her childhood again with a very fashionable doll!


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